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INTELEC95 Symposium 2017

‘AC or DC: Who wins the battle!’

Tuesday 11 April 2017
in Het Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Organisator: Stichting INTELEC95

The symposium generally focuses on three fundamental fields of activity: power electronics, energy storage and intelligent distribution networks. These activities in turn form the basis on which the continuity of energy supply for telecommunication and information technologyis based. Sustainability and the ability to quickly recover after a calamity are important incentives. 

Target audience

The Symposium is especially important for companies and institutes engaged in research, development, installation, management and maintenance of energy supply systems by and for the subject area.



From DC building to a DC distribution and transmission: How direct will the future electricity be?

  Pavol Bauer TU Delft, DC systems, Energy Conversion & Storage

We Drive Solar: het lokale energie- en mobiliteitssysteem van de toekomst

  Robin Berg Project wijk Lombok, Utrecht
  AC or DC, that is the questio, also for rechargeable batteries
  Peter Notten TU Eindhoven
  HVDC 2.0: Hybrid systems, sustainable solutions and transition strategies
High Voltage DC trends and topics at the 38th INTELEC in Austin
  Leendert Lam Rapporteur INTELEC2016 Austin USA

Energie opslag, nuttig en noodzakelijk, maar is er ook wat mee te verdienen?

  Jillis Raadschelders Renewables & Storage at DNV GL

Het veranderende energielandschap: meebewegen of afwachten?

  Marcon de Vrede KPN stroomvoorziening
  Gelijkspanning is de toekomst
  Harry Stokman Direct Current BV

Merging of Data centres in Circular Area Developments,
Mobilisation of stakeholders


S tijn de Kruijf

Royal HaskoningDHV

Stappen maken naar nieuwe energie wereld, geen energie opwekken maar ruilen van warmte en koude
Praktijk case: Datacenter ontvangt koude van o.a. zwembad en school complex en levert warmte

  Ronald van Veen KPN Data Centers
  Schakelen in DC-netwerken
  Peter van Duijsen  

Buitenopstelling van accu installaties in Tele- en Datacom systemen.
Hoe beheerst men de kwaliteit  van het vermogen en het interne klimaat?

  Dick Vleeskruijer Rapporteur INTELEC2016 Austin USA

Modern Power Electronics as Key Technology between systems AC-DC, AC-AC and DC-DC

  Reinhard Zingel GE Energy Connections, Power Conversion



Convergence of Telecoms and Data Services on an Industrial Scale

  Geraint Davies Global Director, Data Center BusinessEltek ASA

Zinc Air, the great unknown

  Maite Gonzáles, CEGASA Portable Energy




IEEE INTELEC© Conference (International Communications Energy Conference) is an important international forum for science and engineering of energy systems for originally information and communication technologies. Technical lectures present the needs and trends in the areas of energy conversion, energy storage, reliability and energy infrastructure.
Topics include DC and AC systems, batteries, energy architectures, inverters, fuel cells, grounding, physical and thermal designs.